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Apollo Golden Rods longrange locator

Apollo Golden Rods longrange locator

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Experienced prospectors designed APOLLO GOLD RODS with the knowledge they gained from using gold detectors and directional dowsing rods for many years.

Our goal is to create the best dowsing rod in terms of quality, durability and performance.

APOLLO dowsing rod swings freely to indicate the direction of the chosen treasure or mineral deposit while you use it.

APOLLO is well balanced and stable, unlike other dowsing rods. It will not swing erratically or become unbalanced, even in windy conditions. You will be amazed at how stable it is when you hold APOLLO for the first time!

When APOLLO finds the location of the gold / treasure, shorten the antenna. APOLLO now operates in a circular pattern over the top of the target.

The APOLLO rod has a loop antenna besides the telescopic antenna. It provides a larger angle of attraction and greater location range.

  • APOLLO has a sample compartment at the base of the telescopic antenna to increase target selectivity. Place a small sample - or a combination of samples of the searched material - in the compartment.
  • APOLLO tunes to search for a specific treasure containing that same type of material. For example, you insert a gold piece into the sample compartment if you are searching for gold.
  • Use APOLLO rods to search for gold, silver, mercury, lead, copper, diamonds, oil, water or other substances. A charge of a special radioactive mineral ore stimulates the crystals in the APOLLO power tube behind the sample compartment. It enhances the weak attraction of distant gold targets that would otherwise be beyond the reach of competitors’ long-range finders.

The static charge of the human body often interferes and produces false signals. A telescopic discharge probe comes standard with the APOLLO.

Hold the discharge probe on the ground once you receive a target signal. Hold the APOLLO with the other hand and double check the target line. This cancels false targets. Usethe  long-range radial targeting rods report several failures of their antennas that easily break when they hit obstacles or accidentally fall down.

The APOLLO telescopic antenna is durable and thicker to the antenna body and it is bolted to withstand impacts and harsh outdoor use.

Use the APOLLO GOLD RODS for searching for large or very small treasures. Adjust the length of the antenna accordingly. Shorten the antenna and remove the loop to find only attraction sources that are close by and for more accurate locating.

Extend the antenna and install the loop to look for targets that are farther away.

APOLLO is set up for use at both short and long range with the antenna fully extended.



Package details

  • Apollo Golden Rods longrange locator
  • Instructional DVD
  • Suitcase
  • 2-year warranty