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Bounty Hunter Titanium metal detector + pinpointer + find brush + headphones

Bounty Hunter Titanium metal detector + pinpointer + find brush + headphones

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The Titanium is one of the best metal detectors from the Bounty Hunter brand and offers everything a novice searcher would want, such as pinpoint, volume control, numeric object identification, discrimination, notch, a beautiful design and a very good search depth. This metal detector weighs only 1kg and offers a 5 year warranty!

Perfect entry-level metal detector
The Titanium Camo convinces with its clear display, fast response time and a clear metal distinction divided into 8 categories. In addition to the 8 category display, the Titanium features a numeric object identification display from 0-99 and 3 different audio tones. Iron objects are indicated with a low tone and non-ferrous/precious metals such as copper, silver or gold, are indicated with a medium or high tone (depending on their conductivity).

Pinpoint and volume control
With the help of the pinpoint function, you can precisely locate found objects and no longer have to dig large holes. The built-in speaker or optionally connected headphones can be adjusted with the integrated volume control.

What, where and for whom?
With the Bounty Hunter Titanium Camo you can detect different types of metal, including gold, silver, iron, copper, lead, etc. Suitable for searching the land, park, camping, playgrounds and dry beach area. With the 21 cm concentric waterproof search coil you can easily search in the forest among the trees and in polluted areas where there is a lot of iron waste you can still identify the objects well. The Titanium runs on 1 x 9V battery with a life of up to 25 hours (depending on the battery). This detector is suitable for adults, and children over 12 years.



Search Coil Waterproof 20 cm concentric search coil
Steel Adjustable from 116 - 131 cm, with cam-locks, round handle
Waterproof Search coil waterproof
Headphone Jack 6.3 mm headphone jack
Type and number of batteries 1 x 9 V battery
Battery Life Approx. 25 hours
Maximum depth range small objects (Euro coin) Approx. 30 cm
Maximum depth range large objects Approx. 120 cm
Number of search modes 3 search modes: all metals 1, all metals 2 and discrimination
Interface 6 push buttons
Target audience Children 8 to 12 years, Beginners
Battery status readable Yes, in 3 steps
Depth range readable Yes, in 5 levels
Ground balance Automatic ground balance
Sensitivity 12 sensitivity levels
Pinpoint function Yes
Discrimination against unwanted objects Yes, 3 selectable segments
Notch filter Yes
Notch volume No
Object identification in audio tones Yes, 3 tones
Numeric Object Identification No
Volume control Yes
Display lighting No
Button lighting No
Vibration as a signal No
Online software-update No
Frequency changer No
Threshold (background tone) No
Software in multiple languages No

Package details

  • Bounty Hunter Titanium metal detector
  • Waterproof 21 cm concentric search coil
  • 1 x 9V battery
  • Pinpointer
  • Kapaan finds brush
  • Headphones
  • Manual
  • 5-year warranty