Geosensis X3 pulse induction metal detector

Geosensis X3 pulse induction metal detector

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The Geosensis X3 is a pulse induction metal detector, which can be used to locate larger metal objects at greater depths. This device is very easy to use and therefore suitable for beginners and professionals. With the large 128 cm coil, larger areas can be searched in a shorter time. With the X3 you will find different types of metal such as gold, silver, bronze, copper, iron, brass, etc. The device is perfect for searching larger, deeper objects such as treasure chests and even meteorites. It automatically indicates with 2 LEDs whether the objects are ferrous or non-ferrous.

Geosensis X3
The Geosensis X3 is a professional 3D metal detector designed primarily for detecting large precious metal objects buried deep underground. It is a very easy to use metal detector with only 4 control buttons, of which during the search often only the RESET button is needed to eliminate an unwanted ground signal. In addition, you can adjust the volume, the sensitivity of the audio clicks and the rejection of metal debris. The functions of Χ3 are user-friendly for the inexperienced user and familiar for those already working with PI detectors. The advantage of the GEOSENSIS X3 over classic PI designs is the Pulse Boost. The Boost makes it possible to amplify weak signals that would otherwise be missed.
GEOSENSIS X3 data logger and 3D software
The ICON DATA logger version for the GEOSENSIS X3 is plug-and-play. Scan the field and 2D and 3D maps of the scanned area are displayed in real time on a Windows tablet PC or laptop (Not included). Easily plug the data logger into the detector's headphone jack and scanning can begin. The datalogger and 3D software are a useful tool for determining object size, shape and depth.
128 cm round frame spool
The round frame spool allows larger areas to be searched in a short time. The coil is attached to a light frame (PVC pipes). During the search, 2 people are needed. One to carry the frame coil and one to carry and operate the frame coil and control unit. The supplied cable coil is not part of a balanced oscillating circuit as in VLF devices. Thus, it can be made in almost any shape and size to significantly increase detection depth. The frame coil is round and can be disassembled for easy transport and storage. Small metal objects, such as an iron nail or pull tab, are automatically ignored. The 128 cm long frame coil is waterproof and submersible.



Search Coil 128 cm round frame coil
Waterproof Search coil waterproof
Headphone Jack 6.3 mm headphone jack
Type and number of batteries Interchangeable, internally rechargeable 12 V/1.3 Ah battery pack
Battery Life Approx. 6 hours
Maximum depth range large objects Several meters, depending on spool, soil type and object size
Number of search modes 2 search modes: all metals and discrimination
Interface 2 rotary knobs, 1 push button and 1 twist/push button
Built-in wireless module No
Target audience Beginners, Advanced, Depth seekers
Battery status readable Yes
Depth range readable No
Ground balance Automatic ground balance
Sensitivity Yes
Pinpoint function No
Discrimination against unwanted objects Yes
Object identification in audio tones No
Numeric Object Identification No
Volume control Yes
Display lighting Yes
Button lighting No
Vibration as a signal No
Online software-update No
Threshold (background tone) Yes
Software in multiple languages No

Package details

  • Geosensis X3 control unit with protective cover
  • 128cm frame with search coil cable
  • Charging adapter
  • Case for the control unit, charger and search coil cable
  • Carrying case for the 128 cm search coil frame
  • Manual
  • 2 Year Warranty