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Nokta The Legend PRO metal detector

Nokta The Legend PRO metal detector

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New version! With waterproof 30 x 23 cm LG30 DD search coil, updated armrest and center stem made of carbon.

Absolute High End detector
The Legend is an absolute High End metal detector that offers all the features you have only been able to dream of and all at an affordable price! 

The PRO package comes with:

  • An extra 15cm search coil which is extremely suitable for use in the park, beach and water.
  • An external rechargeable battery, so you'll never run out of power in the field again!

New design
The Legend's new invention, instead of the 28cm LG28 DD search coil, now comes with the 30 x 23cm LG30 DD search coil. With the LG30, wider tracks are created when swinging, response time is slightly faster and deeper searches are made. Also, the new model comes with a carbon center stem and a redesigned armsteum which makes the new model weigh a total of 126g less than the old model.

SMF Simultaneous Multi Frequency
Nokta's new SMF Multi frequency technology allows the user to search on all search frequencies simultaneously. However, you can also choose to operate on 1 selectable search frequency where you can choose from 4,10,15, 20 and 40kHz. Low search frequencies have the advantage of searching deeper and are especially ideal for searching larger deep objects. High search frequencies have less depth but are very accurate in detecting the very smallest objects in the upper layer. Choose the search frequency that best suits your mission or choose one of two SMF Simultaneous Multi Frequency modes where you search on all search frequencies from 4 to 40Khz simultaneously! The Legend then combines the advantages of all search frequencies together which will help you find the very small objects better and which completely ignores the salt mineral on the beaches and in the salt water!

Completely waterproof
The Legend is fully waterproof (IP68) to a depth of 3 meters underwater. This allows you to go that extra mile and search in places no one has ever searched before. This also has the advantage that you can rinse it off completely with water, making cleaning much easier and faster.


Built-in Bluetooth including aptX™ Low Latency headphones
What should not be missing, of course, is a built-in wireless module, but The Legend also comes with high-quality Bluetooth aptX™ Low Latency headphones. These headphones completely cover your ears so that noises around you do not interfere with focusing on the tones of your metal detector. 

Ferro Check™
Ferro Check is a unique feature of The Legend and indicates the Ferro/non-ferro ratio of the buried object allowing you to identify objects even better before digging. With the new Ferro Check feature, you will find less "modern" junk like beer caps.

4 search modes
The Legend features 4 search programs: Park, Field, Beach and Goldfield. 

  • Park is designed for searching for coins and jewelry in frequently visited areas where there is a lot of modern trash such as aluminum foil, pull tabs, beer caps, etc.
  • Field is designed for searching for coins and relics in meadows 
    and mowed/plowed fields.
  • The beach mode is optimized for use on dry or wet beach and for underwater use.
  • The gold field mode is optimized for use on mineralized 
    gold fields for searching for gold nuggets/goldnuggets.

Sturdy construction and interchangeable batteries
The Legend features a sturdy construction with a lower and middle handle made of carbon. It is compactly collapsible for transport and can be adjusted to any length quickly and easily. The Legend has a built-in battery which can be charged by USB. You also have the option of attaching an external battery under the armrest so that you are never without power again. (The external battery is not included in the Standard and WHP package, but it is included in the Pro package.)

Extended tone settings - Now with polyphonic tones!
The Legend features object identification in the form of polyphonic tones. In addition, you can choose how many different tones you want to use (1, 2, 4, 6 or up to 60) and set the position of these tones or while the Tonebreak to the number of guide values available. You also have the option of adjusting the pitch and frequency of the tones and, of course, the volume. If you want no sound at all, you can set it to vibration which is extremely suitable for underwater searching.

Built-in clock and user time
As a true searcher, you know that time flies by while searching and it's annoying to grab your phone with dirty hands to check the time. With The Legend you always have time at hand, with one look at the display you can see what time it is and also immediately see how long the detector has been in use.

Recovery speed, lighting and software update
The Legend offers the ability to set recovery speed. For example, if you want maximum depth range, set the recovery speed as low as possible. If you are looking in places that are frequently visited such as the park, then it is desirable to set the recovery speed higher to better identify close objects. In addition, it features display lighting and search coil lighting to enable nighttime searching and upgradable software to keep your Legend always up to date!


Simplex users
If you are used to the Simplex+ and want to make the move to a professional metal detector, then The Legend is the perfect successor!



Search Coil Waterproof 15 cm DD search coil, Waterproof 30 x 23 cm DD search coil (LG30)
Steel Adjustable from 63 -132 cm, triangular handle
Waterproof Search coil waterproof, Control box splashproof, Search coil waterproof, Waterproof to 1 m, Waterproof to 2 m, Waterproof to 3 m
Headphone Jack Yes, for the waterproof headphones from Nokta | Makro
Type and number of batteries Rechargeable Li-Po battery
Battery Life Approx. 20 hours
Maximum depth range small objects (Euro coin) Approx. 40 cm
Maximum depth range large objects Approx. 150 cm
Interface Pushbuttons
Built-in wireless module Yes
Target audience Advanced, Professionals
Battery status readable Yes, in 5 steps
Depth range readable Yes, in 5 levels
Ground balance Automatic, manual and tracking
Sensitivity 30 sensitivity levels
Pinpoint function Yes
Discrimination against unwanted objects Yes
Notch filter Yes
Object identification in audio tones Yes
Numeric Object Identification Yes, 1 - 60
Volume control Yes
Display lighting Yes
Button lighting No
Vibration as a signal Yes
Online software-update Yes
Frequency changer Yes
Threshold (background tone) Yes
Software in multiple languages Universal, with symbols

Package details

  • Nokta The Legend metal detector
  • Waterproof 30 x 23 cm DD LG30 search coil with protective dish
  • Waterproof 15 cm DD search coil with protective plate
  • Low latency Bluetooth headphones
  • External rechargeable battery
  • Charging and data cable
  • The Legend cap
  • Manual
  • 3-year warranty