XP Metal Detectors Backpack

XP Metal Detectors Backpack

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XP Metal Detectors Backpack 280

This backpack is specially designed for searchers! Ideal for comfortably carrying your metal detector and its metal detector accessories.
Much time and energy has been put into this product. A backpack as an addition to complete your equipment.
Every part of this unique backpack has been designed with the user in mind. From separate compartments for the stems and arm cup and even for the search discs, there are compartments for headphones, remote control, finds and even your cell phone. The designers have worked to maintain maximum comfort. The foam cushion allows air to circulate properly and supports the back, this helps reduce fatigue.
  • Hiking backpack for outdoor use, made of extremely strong materials
  • Inner pocket for 2 search coils with optional matching bottom handle
  • Inner pocket for XP S telescopic rods and digging pick, towel etc.
  • Concealed pocket for valuables
  • Waterproof outer pocket for maps or magazines A4 size etc.
  • Extra pocket for headphones
  • Pocket on the left side for pinpointers
  • Pocket on the right side for a water bottle
  • Hint Icons on the zipper of how and where best to store accessories in the backpack
  • Front pocket for other accessories such as your XP remote control
  • Fastener system with straps for your shovel
  • Rain protection cover for the backpack
  • Comfortable shoulder straps and breathable back parts, partly with air cushion
  • Fixing system for the XP find bag
Accessories shown in photos and videos, such as shovel, water bottle, remote control, etc., are not included.



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  • XP Metal Detectors Backpack