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Garrett Sea Hunter Mark ll underwater metal detector

Garrett Sea Hunter Mark ll underwater metal detector

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The adventure of diving to the beautiful underwater world with its sunken galleons and treasures has intrigued many people over the past decades. Good metal detecting equipment is very important for this purpose. Professionals opt for the Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II. It is a metal detector with which you do not have to deal with salt water. The Sea Hunter's electronic housing is versatile and can be worn around the hip, on top of the handle, or under the armrest, for example. The Sea Hunter Mark II is equipped with underwater headphones that allow you to dive to a depth of up to 65 meters underwater.

Find more rings and less trash, with the Sea Hunter Mark II.
The device uses a unique technology, a patented - called "Discrete Trash Elimination" - mode, which distinguishes between metals much better than other pulse induction detectors. Separating trash from valuables has long been the problem with PI metal detectors, but thanks to the microprocessor-controlled Sea Hunter Mark II, you can now discriminate trash much better.
Diving up to 65 meters deep!
This underwater metal detector was developed based on the wishes and experiences of divers from all over the world. The Seahunter is suitable for both fresh and salt water and even mineralized soil. The diving capability of this metal detector is up to 65 meters!
Advanced technology
The Sea Hunter Mark II is equipped with the latest processor technology and an advanced pulse discrimination system for excluding unwanted objects.
Crime Scene metal detector for police and investigation services
This metal detector is also extremely suitable as a Crime Scene underwater metal detector for police and investigation services. Weapons and other objects around a crime scene can be easily detected using the Seahunter.
Special extra short handle and belt attachment
For diving and easy maneuvering, an extra short Scuba handle is included in addition to the standard bottom handle. With the standard 3-piece handle, it is also excellent for searching for coins and jewelry in shallow water and on the beach. There is also the option of carrying the electronics unit on the belt mount.



Search Coil Waterproof 20 cm concentric search coil (Monoloop)
Steel Adjustable from 71 - 132 cm
Waterproof Search coil waterproof, Control box splashproof, Search coil waterproof, Waterproof to 1 m, Waterproof to 2 m, Waterproof to 3 m, Waterproof to 5 m, Waterproof to 6 m, Waterproof to 60 m, Waterproof to 65 m
Headphone Jack Yes, waterproof 2-pin jack for waterproof headphones (included)
Type and number of batteries 8 x AA batteries
Battery Life Approx. 22 hours
Maximum depth range small objects (Euro coin) Approx. 35 cm
Maximum depth range large objects Approx. 125 cm
Number of search modes 3 search modes: all metals, PI standard, PI discrete (non-ferrous objects)
Interface Rotary knobs
Built-in wireless module No
Target audience Advanced, Professionals, Divers, Police and investigation services
Battery status readable Audible on power-up
Depth range readable No
Ground balance Automatic ground balance (salt filter system PI)
Sensitivity 9 sensitivity levels
Pinpoint function No
Discrimination against unwanted objects Yes
Notch filter No
Notch volume No
Object identification in audio tones Yes
Numeric Object Identification No
Volume control No
Display lighting No
Button lighting No
Vibration as a signal No
Online software-update No
Frequency changer No
Threshold (background tone) Yes
Software in multiple languages English only

Package details

  • Garrett Sea Hunter Mark ll metal detector
  • 8 inch (20 cm) PROformance™ mono search coil
  • Waterproof headphones
  • Short lower handle for diving
  • Belt mount + bag for the control box
  • Manual
  • 3-year warranty