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Jeohunter 3D Dual System soil scanner

Jeohunter 3D Dual System soil scanner

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Jeohunter 3D Dual System soil scanner is a highly professional 3D metal detector that is nevertheless very easy to operate. With the Jeohunter 3D soil scanner you can detect gold, silver, and other metals to great depths. You can also detect underground areas such as tunnels, cellars, bunkers, rooms, caves and graves.
On the display you can read information about the objects and cavities in the ground. You will see a 3D image display, with an indication of the metal type (for example gold, or iron), the depth display (for example 460 cm) and the size of the object (large/small)
The Jeohunter 3D Dual System consists of:
The Jeohunter 3D detector and computer + 3 different search coils. Actually, you are buying three detector systems for the price of one. You have the T100 search coil measuring 60 x 100 cm for even more depth range on larger objects.
The standard T44 search coil measuring 36 x 44 cm, and small T21 search coil measuring 21 x 31.5 cm. Comes with headphones, leather case, batteries + charger, headset, user manual (supplied in several languages) and 2 years legal warranty.
LED System
The Jeohunter 3D Dual System Metal Detector also features a practical LED system, this allows you to quickly and efficiently continue your search process with a small coil in areas where you cannot work with a large or the standard coil. For example, you can use the small coil for detecting small shallow objects (such as a coin) and in small spaces.
Voids are indicated on the left side and metal signals on the right side of the LED panel located above your armrest. The LED system also gives 2 different audio tones for hollows and metals. (So in this case you will hear audio tones and read the results through the LED lights).
Available in several languages
Jeohunter 3D Dual System soil scanner is available in several languages: English, German, Turkish, Arabic, French, Russian, Spanish, Greek, Romanian and Bulgarian. Both the computer system and the manual are then supplied in these languages. * The Dutch manual is also available.
Informative 3D scan of the soil
With the Jeohunter you can make 3D scans of the subsurface in which you can see a representation of the subsurface containing the metals and underground spaces. You also get more information about the metal types. In any case, you will get to see whether the object contains valuable metal or does not contain valuable (ferrous) metal.
But in many cases, you will be able to read the actual metal type on the display, for example, "gold" or "steel." With the Jeohunter, it is even possible to exclude small iron from the detection process altogether. The Jeohunter can be used for almost all soil types, even rocky areas, stone and mineralized and contaminated soils.
The depth range
If you make a 3D scan with the Jeohunter you can also read the depth of the metals and cavities on the screen, for example 5 meters 30 cm. The scans made can be saved on the Jeohunter's computer system. 
The depth range of the Jeohunter is very large, up to several meters in depth. The maximum achievable depth range always depends on the size of the object and the soil type. Larger objects can be detected significantly deeper than very small objects.
  • You can read the following information directly on the display:
  • 3D scan display in color with shape of the object
  • Specified metal type (divided into four groups: 1: gold/ 2: precious metal/ 3: iron/ 4: steel)
  • The size of the object (diameter)
  • The depth of the object in centimeters
Jeohunter, Deephunter scan information
An object measuring approximately 90cm x 120cm, found at a depth of approximately 480cm.
Jeohunter, Deephunter scan information
A relatively large gold object.
Color Meaning 3D Scan Analysis
  • Green - normal soil
  • Eye with yellow/orange/red top - metal/precious metals/gold
  • Arch with blue/ white top - cavities (e.g. a tunnel, basement, tomb, cave, bunker etc.)
Jeohunter, Deephunter scan information
Image 1: A medium-sized underground room and next to it a smaller precious metal object
Image 2: Two metal objects close together. 66% precious metal and 13% iron.
Image 3: A relatively large cavity or hole (80%)
Image 4: A large underground space with hidden precious metals inside



Search Coil Waterproof 31.5 x 21 cm DD search coil (T21), Waterproof 44 x 36 cm DD search coil (T44), Waterproof 100 x 65 cm DD search coil (T100)
Steel Adjustable from 90 - 150 cm, round handle
Waterproof Search coil waterproof
Headphone Jack 6.3 mm headphone jack
Type and number of batteries 16.8 V - 3.3 A Li-Po battery
Battery Life Approx. 4 hours | T21 coil Approx. 8 hours
Maximum depth range small objects (Euro coin) Approx. 40 cm
Maximum depth range large objects Several meters, depending on spool, soil type and object size
Number of search modes 2 search modes: LED and LCD
Interface Push buttons and a rotary knob
Built-in wireless module No
Target audience Advanced, Depth finders, Hollow space seeker, Treasure seeker
Battery status readable Yes, in 5 steps
Depth range readable Yes, in cm
Ground balance Automatic and manual ground balance
Sensitivity 99 sensitivity levels
Pinpoint function No
Discrimination against unwanted objects Yes, small metal objects may be discriminated against
Notch filter No
Notch volume No
Object identification in audio tones Polyphonic
Numeric Object Identification Yes, in percent
Volume control Yes
Display lighting Yes
Button lighting No
Vibration as a signal No
Online software-update No
Frequency changer No
Threshold (background tone) No
Software in multiple languages Yes (English, German, Turkish, Arabic, French, Russian, Spanish, Greek, Romanian, Bulgarian)

Package details

  • Nokta Jeohunter 3D System Cabinet
  • DD search coil 44x36 cm (T44) & handle
  • DD search coil 21x31.5 cm (T21) & handle
  • DD search coil 100 x 60 cm (T100)
  • Charging adapter
  • Car charger
  • Leather carrying case for the system case
  • Rechargeable lythium battery
  • Headphones
  • Luxury carrying case
  • Carrying case for the T100 search coil
  • Manual and DVD
  • 2-year warranty