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Kapaan land and underwater find bag / harness

Kapaan land and underwater find bag / harness

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This Kapaan land and underwater find bag was developed to the wishes of many metal detector hobbyists!

Finds bags without mesh fill up with water in the water and sand also stays in them. This quickly leaves you with a heavy find bag. The Kapaan find bag is equipped with strong mesh, so water and sand do not remain in the find bag and the find bag remains super light. Also ideal for use on the beach!
Finds bags, both for land and underwater use, often move back and forth continuously, which can be experienced as a major irritation. Especially in the water when you scoop with your wading shovel and the find bag moves back and forth in the meantime. The Kapaan find bag also offers a solution for this. Since the bag is in a harness shape, it sits tight against your chest and will remain in position during the search and will not move forward while shoveling.
Many find bags are carried on the hip, however, if you also want to search in the water this is inconvenient, as the find bag is then underwater .... When opening the underwater bag, the finds can fly out, with all the risks that this entails. Also, you will not be able to see the find bag and opening it will be a challenge in itself. Kapaan has therefore opted for a find bag at chest height. Even if you go deeper into the water you will have the view of your find bag, you can open it easily and you will not lose your finds.
While searching on the beach or underwater you will also find many trash objects like soda cans etc in addition to beautiful finds. These are bad for the environment but are thrown back into the sea by many metal detector hobbyists, because they simply do not fit in their find bag. For this too, Kapaan offers the solution. On the Kapaan vondstententas you can now simply click on the supplied waste net and take these waste objects with you. In this way, you also contribute to the environment. The waste net can be clicked on the left side for left-handed persons and on the right side for right-handed persons. The waste net is large enough to hold several soda cans and other waste objects and can be easily closed with the drawstring. 
Many find bags used underwater have bad zippers that rust and jam in the water, making them soon unusable. The Kapaan find bag is equipped with 2 strong rust free zippers of durable quality.
Many find bags have narrow zippers and can be difficult to open by people with large hands or if you wear gloves. Kapaan's find bag features a large zipper with a large rubber tag that you can also easily open with gloves on.
People with extra large or just small sizes often have trouble finding a suitable find bag. This Kapaan find bag is easily sized to fit anyone with size S to size 5XL.
Another wish of many metal detector hobbyists is a find bag that is rainproof or quick drying. This Kapaan find bag is made of strong polyester and dries super fast.
It is the wish of many metal detector hobbyists to be able to attach other accessories to the find bag. The Kapaan find bag offers multiple attachment loops to which a pinpointer, find brush, GoPro camera or other accessories can be easily attached. In addition to the loops, the find bag also features 2 attachment hooks to which the trash net or other accessories can be attached. Moreover, the harness is also equipped with 2 higher attachment hooks to which you can also attach your trash net, spiral cable etc.
Also for magnet fishermen this find bag in combination with the trash net is ideal!
This Kapaan find bag has been co-developed and extensively tested by experienced metal detector expert and youtuber Sebastiaan Hoogenberg of "The Dutch Metal Hunters". 
  • Fits anyone with size S to size 5XL
  • Made of 100% polyester
  • 2 strong rustproof zippers of durable quality
  • 1 large and 1 small zipper label
  • Fitted with strong mesh
  • The find bag dries quickly
  • Comfortable back support
  • Extra dirt net for your trash with drawstring
  • 4 length-adjustable straps (from S to size 5XL)
  • 2 attachment loops on the straps at sternum level
  • 2 attachment loops on the bag for attaching the dirt net
  • Dimensions of bag: 22 x 17 x 4cm
  • .
  • Weight of bag: 160g
  • .
  • Dirt net dimensions: 29 x 18 x 18cm
  • Weight of dirt net: 38g
  • Suitable for metal detector hobbyists and magnet fishermen



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  • Kapaan land and underwater find bag / harness
  • Waste Net