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Kapaan multifunctional metal detection harness / weight distribution system

Kapaan multifunctional metal detection harness / weight distribution system

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The Kapaan multifunctional metal detection harness consists of an ergonomic weight distribution system for the metal detector combined with an integrated find bag, pinpointer holster, grass knife holster, water bottle holder a large (detector) backpack and many other storage compartments. This makes it the most complete metal detecting harness available in the market!

The ergnomic weight distribution system connects you to your detector via the bungee cord and you will hardly feel the weight of your detector. Ideal for anyone who experiences back, shoulder or arm pain while searching with a metal detector, or simply finds their detector too heavy. The padded harness also offers your back and shoulders optimal comfort. The weight distribution system and included bungee cord can be worn by both left- and right-handed persons.
The included pinpointer and grass knife holsters are universal and therefore fit virtually all makes and models of pinpointers and grass knives. The holsters easily clip onto the pocket of the large front compartment. You can also optionally attach other holsters or accessories to the pocket, including the Kapaan finding brush (exclusive)
The harness offers plenty of options to serve as a find bag. On both the left and right sides there are large lockable zippered pockets suitable for this purpose. On the inside of the harness there are also two large lockable zippered pockets. The harness also offers an elastic side pocket for your drinking bottle and a pocket for your cell phone.
The back of the harness consists of a large snap-button fold-out backpack where you can carry your entire detector, accessories, a (rain) jacket, food, drink, or other accessories. If you do not need a large backpack you can easily and compactly fold it with the push buttons, making it virtually invisible. On the back there are also 2 zippered pockets.
This unique product from Kapaan is specially designed for the metal detector hobbyist, but can also be used for other outdoor activities. The whole is made of very strong and high quality polyester.
The harness is suitable for anyone with size L to size 4XL and fully adjustable in the abdominal, chest and hip circumference, therefore fitting any body size. 
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Comfortable padded pads for back and shoulder strengthening
  • Padded adjustable shoulder straps for improved comfort
  • The shoulder straps have a ring on both sides for attaching the weight reduction system
  • The shoulder straps have 2 elastic bands on both sides, to which you can attach a ballpoint pen, for example
  • The two shoulder straps can be attached to each other by a chest strap
  • On the left and right side, this harness offers 2 elastic pockets for storing a water bottle or a thermos
  • A very large backpack with an open top with 2 adjustable attachment straps at the shoulders
  • Sizes backpack: 21 x 33 cm height at the sides 31cm and in the middle 39 cm high
  • When the backpack is not in use, you can compact it using the 4 snaps
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  • 1 small zippered pocket on the back
  • 1 large pocket on the back with zipper closure, with a Velcro attachment inside for any keys. The depth is 30cm and the opening 18cm.
  • Large front left pocket with zipper closure, 2 interior pockets and slip pockets for any pens.
  • Front left pocket has space to attach the holster of your pinpointer or grass knife.
  • Large zippered front right pocket
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  • Small right front zippered pocket with 4 interior pockets and Kapaan logo
  • Small pocket for right with Velcro closure. Ideal for storing your phone.
  • 2 large inside zippered pockets
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  • 2 insert inside pockets
  • Universal pinpointer holster (can also be removed from the harness and attached to your belt if necessary)
  • Universal grass knife holster (can also be removed from the harness and attached to your belt if necessary)
  • Easy-to-grab zippers.
  • Large loop to lift the harness with or to hang it from
  • Press studs and 2 adjustable straps on the front as closure
  • Length-adjustable elastic bungee cord with snap hook on both sides
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  • Mounting strap with Velcro for the handle of your detector to which the bungee cords are attached
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  • Can only be washed by hand
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Package details

  • Kapaan multifunctional metal detection harness / weight distribution system
  • Pinpointer holster
  • Grass knife holster
  • Bungee Gate