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Le Crayon à André cleaning pencils (6 pcs)

Le Crayon à André cleaning pencils (6 pcs)

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Original Le Crayon à André cleaning pencils (6pcs)
These pencils come from France and are designed for professional and precise cleaning of coins and objects. The pencils are designed so that their use will damage the object as little as possible.
Cleaning with these pencils requires time and patience and are therefore used to clean the most special or most valuable finds.
This set comes with the following pencils:
  • Triangular-tip pencil
    Upper precision work that allows you to clean the smallest details on coins such as letters, numbers, arms and other decorations.

  • Scalpel pencil
    The tip of copper allows you to remove strong concretions before reaching the patina.

  • Polishing brush double-sided
    Used for even polishing of coins made of copper, brass, aluminum and bronze. This brush does not damage the patina of the coin and is not refillable.

  • Thick pencil
    The pencil consists of an amalgamation of brass and steel combined with a special rubber and crystal compound to remove stubborn dirt.

  • Thin pencil
    This pencil has the same composition as the thicker pencil, but has a more fine tip to work the smaller details.

  • Fiberglass pencil
    These fiberglass pencils do not splinter and are not a health hazard.
These pencils come in a storage tube.
Does the pencil become blunt? No problem, you can easily sharpen it with an ordinary pencil sharpener or possibly sandpaper. Do not sharpen the staalwool pencil, but each time pull the fill out slightly with a twisting motion.



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  • Le Crayon à André cleaning pencils (6 pcs)