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Nokta Impact Pro metal detector

Nokta Impact Pro metal detector

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The Nokta Impact Pro metal detector package includes: IM28 search coil, IM19 search coil, carrying case, stand, rechargeable batteries + charger, headphones and protective covers for the electronics.

The Nokta Impact Pro metal detector is a professional multi-frequency metal detector that features three different search frequencies (5kHz, 14kHz and 20kHz). This makes the Impact a multi-purpose detector suitable for virtually all search targets and conditions.

Whether you are a coin hunter or militaria seeker? Or just want to locate gold nuggets in Africa, the Impact can do it all! Simply switch to the best search frequency for your search objective and the Impact will be the ideal detector for you. With the Impact you actually buy multiple detectors in 1!

Ideal for those with a multi search goal who, for example, is active both as a field hunter (looking for coins and fine antiquities) as a beach searcher, militaria searcher and as a gold digger.

Or someone who, in addition to regular use, likes to take his detector to distant vacation resorts by the sea, in the mountains or in extreme mineral deposits. Are you such a multi detectorist? Then the Impact is the perfect detector for you!

Depth monster and a top-class beach detector

The Impact excels in its extreme depth range. Not only its depth range for large objects is extreme, also for small objects the Impact achieves a very large depth range. Signals from (very) small objects are received significantly deeper than any competing model in its price range.
The Nokta Impact can therefore rightly be called a true depth monster. The tests show that this metal detector is 1 of the very best metal detectors for beach searchers and the wet salty bottoms at sea! Again, the Impact maintains a large depth range.
12 search modes
The Nokta Impact features as many as 12 search modes:
  • 2 x All metals
  • 2 x Non Motion
  • 8 x Discrimination
Balanced design
Like the Makro Racer 2 detector, the Impact offers a flashy, modern and balanced design weighing 1.8kg.  In addition to vibration as a detection signal display and search coil illumination, the Impact offers the ability to connect the 2.4GHz wireless Green Edition headphones. These headphones are optionally available.

Digital metal detector with numeric object identification

The Nokta Impact pro metal detector  is a digital metal detector equipped with a numeric object identification readout. As soon as you detect an object, a number appears in the center of your display. Based on this number, you can learn to recognize which type of metal or object it is.
For example, number 0-30 mainly represents iron, or number 76 represents a euro coin and number 50-70 represents gold, among other things. The numeric object identification of the Nokta Impact is very accurate and runs from 0 to 99.
Object discrimination and Notch in numbers
You can easily exclude unwanted objects from your search process. This object discrimination also works using the numbers on the object identification.
For example, you can set that you do not want to detect objects with an object identification of number 30 or lower (small iron). Your Impact will then stop signaling when it detects unwanted objects.
The Notch function gives you the possibility of very precise discrimination. You can now even discriminate specific ID numbers e.g. No. 25 and 27 instead of an entire range (0-30). This contributes to the goal of finding more objects and less waste.

Pinpoint function and depth indication in centimeters

The Impact detector features a built-in pinpoint function that allows you to determine the exact location of an object in the ground. This means you will have less digging and will be able to unearth the object sooner.
Also, the metal detector has a depth indicator that allows you to read the depth of an object in the ground in centimeters or inches accurately. You can set whether you wish to read the depth in cm or inches.
Mineralization level readout
On the Impact's display, you can easily read the mineralization level of the soil. This allows you to know whether the soil is highly mineralized or not. Highly mineralized soils are often difficult soils for metal detectors.
With a high mineralization level you often cannot achieve the maximum result/depth with your metal detector.
The Impact is also well suited for highly mineralized soils and rocky areas and will perform better here than many other detectors.
High reaction and recovery speed
The Nokta Impact excels in its reaction and recovery speed. This can be of great importance if there are multiple objects right next to each other and you do not want to miss a single object.
Many metal detectors will indicate objects located right next to each other (within a few centimeters distance) as 1 object, so you will not realize that there are multiple objects, so you can miss objects. With the Nokta Impact you will not miss a single object due to its super fast response and recovery time.

Vibration, Metal Type Distinction in Audio Tones and Tone-Break

The Nokta Impact features the ability to convert audio tones into vibration. In areas where you have difficulty hearing and for the deaf and hard of hearing, this is ideal. In order to distinguish the metal types (iron - gold - silver etc.) even better, the Impact plays different audio tones for the different metal types.
Just like the numeric object ID that you can read on your display, this is a good aid for recognizing objects and/or distinguishing between them. In addition, the Impact also features a Tone-Break function. This means that you can determine where the different tones begin and end.
Iron audio
The Iron audio feature allows the user to adjust the audio volume for iron, this allows you to hear the iron signal better or turn it off completely if desired. This feature contributes to better recognition of iron objects. The Impact also features a Tone-Break function.

iSAT Threshold

The iSat Threshold feature can be optionally set. This feature adds a background tone that allows you to hear the signal of small and/or deeper objects. This feature allows you to still be able to detect small objects at the limit of your detector's range.
The threshold background tone is very soft and stable and therefore not disturbing. You will be able to hear the signals very clearly. This feature is also ideal for mineralized soils and other difficult soil conditions.
Display and search coil lighting 
The Nokta Impact metal detector features built-in search coil lighting which you can turn on while searching in the dark. This can be ideal while searching dark locations and at night.  The Impact also features display lighting.

Automatic and manual ground balance + groundtracking

In addition to automatic and manual ground balance, the Nokta Impact metal detector also features "groundtracking." Groundtracking means that the metal detector automatically adjusts the moment you enter a different type of soil. The Groundtrack scans the ground continuously and adjusts itself accordingly.
This feature continuously sets your metal detector to the most ideal ground balance. Groundtracking is different from automatic ground balance.
The latter means that you can instruct the detector at a specific time to perform the ground balance automatically. During the search process, however, it does not continuously adjust itself to changing ground conditions. If you use Groundtrack, this also has a positive effect on your depth range, which will continuously remain at a high level.
Frequency switch
The Nokta Impact features a frequency switch that allows you to easily change frequencies. This may be necessary if there are electronics or other metal detectors in your area operating on the same frequency as your Impact and you are experiencing interference from them.
The Nokta Impact has a memory where you can save your preferred settings. Your detector will automatically start at startup in your preferred settings. Of course, you can always return to the factory settings.
Battery Life
The Impact's battery life is 25 to 30 hours on only 4 pieces of AA Alkaline batteries (included). You can also choose to put rechargeable batteries in the metal detector.



Search Coil Waterproof 28 x 18 cm DD search coil (IM28 )
Steel Adjustable from 107 -143 cm, triangular handle
Waterproof Search coil waterproof
Headphone Jack 6.3 mm headphone jack
Type and number of batteries 4 x AA batteries
Battery Life Approx. 25 hours
Maximum depth range small objects (Euro coin) Approx. 40 cm
Maximum depth range large objects Approx. 150 cm
Number of search modes 12 search modes: 2 all-metal modes, 2 non-movement modes and 8 discrimination modes
Interface Push buttons, rotary knob and switch
Built-in wireless module Yes
Target audience Advanced
Battery status readable Yes, in 5 steps
Depth range readable Yes, in pinpoint mode
Ground balance Automatic, manual and tracking
Sensitivity 99 sensitivity levels
Pinpoint function Yes
Discrimination against unwanted objects Yes
Notch filter Yes
Notch volume No
Object identification in audio tones Yes, 2, 3, 4, or 99 tones
Numeric Object Identification Yes, 0-99
Volume control Yes
Display lighting Yes
Button lighting No
Vibration as a signal Yes
Online software-update Yes
Frequency changer Yes, 5 frequency channels
Threshold (background tone) Yes
Software in multiple languages English only

Package details

  • Nokta Impact metal detector
  • Waterproof IM28 search coil DD 28 x 18 cm including protective saucer
  • Waterproof IM19 search coil DD 19 x 10 cm including protective dish
  • Headphones
  • Carrying bag
  • Rechargeable batteries + charger
  • Standard
  • Protective covers for electronics
  • USB Data Cable
  • Manual
  • 2-year warranty