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Nokta-Pointer pinpointer

Nokta-Pointer pinpointer

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The Nokta Pointer is a very high quality device and belongs to the top class of pinpointers on the detector market. The sensitivity/depth range of this Pinpointer is very good and adjustable in 10 steps ! The Nokta Pointer also has a loss warning alarm and an automatic shut off function.
Fully waterproof
The Nokta-Pointer is fully waterproof, so the Pinpointer can be used both on land and in water. This is one of the main advantages of the Nokta-Pointer over other pinpointers available on the market.
Metal detection signal
The metal detection signal can be set to sound tones (audio mode) or vibration (vibration mode) or a combination = tones & vibration (dual mode). The closer the pinpointer is to the object, the louder the sound and/or vibration will be noticeable. If the object is still too far away from the pointer, the tones are displayed in chopped form, the closer you get to the object, the louder the signal becomes, up to a continuous tone (direct contact!).
What is a pinpointer?
The Nokta-Pointer is a handy tool that can be used alongside your metal detector for quickly and accurately locating hidden, mostly small and medium-sized objects in the ground. Using a pinpointer such as the "Nokta-Pointer" allows you to locate and dig out hidden objects more easily and quickly.



Headphone Jack No
Type and number of batteries 1 x 9 V battery
Battery Life Approx. 30 hours
Interface 2 push buttons
Built-in wireless module No
Ground balance Automatic ground balance
Sensitivity 10 sensitivity levels
Discrimination against unwanted objects No
Object identification in audio tones No

Package details

  • Nokta pointer pinpointer
  • Find bag
  • Belt holster with a metal fastening clip
  • 2 x protective caps
  • 1 x 9V battery
  • Manual
  • 2-year warranty