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Nokta Simplex Lite Metal Detector

Nokta Simplex Lite Metal Detector

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The world's best-selling metal detector is now available in 3 different Lite/BT/Ultra variants.

The Nokta Simplex Lite is the most economical Simplex variant and offers all the key features you need. The main difference between the Lite and the Simplex BT is that the Lite has a smaller 24 x 15 cm search coil, no Bluetooth module is built in, the bottom handle is plastic and the middle handle is aluminum, and it features the 4 main search modes. As with the other Simplex variants, the interface has been updated and is also waterproof to a depth of 5 meters underwater.

Do you want to search for coins, artifacts or jewelry? Search on land, on the beach, in the rain, in the dark or even completely underwater? The Simplex can do it all! This metal detector is suitable for young and old, big and small, starters and professionals and because of the vibration function even suitable for the hard of hearing.
  • The Simplex is the ideal metal detector for starters, because of the simple operation combined with the simply unmatchable features and specifications in this price range.
  • The ideal (additional) metal detector for the current land hunters who finally dare to make the step to underwater / waterproof because of the price.
  • The Simplex is an ideal metal detector as 2nd backup detector for experienced searchers.
Waterproof to 5 meters underwater
Please imagine, you are searching on the beach, or by a lake and you want to go just a little further. You want to search where no one has yet searched and go completely underwater with the detector. It's incredible, but it's possible with this Simplex detector! In combination with the vibration function, you will bring up many finds from underwater. On the completely waterproof display, you can read the information about the object, if desired, before digging it up. Even after searching, you can easily rinse the detector under the tap or shower. A rain shower is also no problem for the Simplex.
Sliding from 63cm to 132cm
Are you going to the campsite, but the car is starting to get pretty full? Do you want to spend a day biking and on the way take your detector out on that one beautiful field? Or are you walking to your search fields and do not want to walk the whole time with a long and heavy detector in your hand? All this is no problem for the Simplex!!! You can very easily slide the Simplex compact and small and transport it. It fits in your pannier, backpack, on the rear shelf and even in the packed car! You can easily slide the Simplex in and out to a maximum length of 132 cm.
Please imagine; you are out searching on a beautiful day. Time flies by, and before you realize it, unfortunately, it is slowly getting dark again. Even this is no problem for the Simplex. When the sun disappears behind the horizon and darkness overshadows the landscapes, you can continue searching with the Simplex. It has display lighting, key lighting and even a search coil light! In short, everything you need to get you through the dark evenings in the fall.
Featuring all the important functions!
The Simplex actually offers all the important functions a metal detector hobbyist could wish for. In addition to being very easy to operate, the metal detector is lightweight and retractable, offers accurate numerical object identification, iron discrimination, a pinpoint function, a frequency switch, a 24 x 15 cm search coil, vibration, illumination and a very good depth range.



Search Coil Waterproof 24 x 15 cm DD search coil (SX24)
Steel Adjustable from 63 -132 cm, triangular handle
Waterproof Search coil waterproof, Control box splashproof, Search coil waterproof, Waterproof to 1 m, Waterproof to 2 m, Waterproof to 3 m, Waterproof to 5 m
Headphone Jack Yes, for the waterproof headphones from Nokta | Makro
Type and number of batteries 2300 mAh Li-Po battery
Battery Life Approx. 10 to 15 hours
Maximum depth range small objects (Euro coin) Approx. 25 cm
Maximum depth range large objects Approx. 100 cm
Number of search modes 4 search modes: all metals, field, park 1 and beach
Interface Pushbuttons
Built-in wireless module No
Target audience Beginners, Advanced
Battery status readable Yes, in 5 steps
Depth range readable Yes, in 5 levels
Ground balance Automatic and manual ground balance
Sensitivity 30 sensitivity levels
Pinpoint function Yes
Discrimination against unwanted objects Yes
Notch filter Yes
Notch volume No
Object identification in audio tones Yes, 3 tones
Numeric Object Identification Yes, 0-99
Volume control Yes, in 5 levels
Display lighting Yes
Button lighting Yes
Vibration as a signal Yes
Online software-update Yes
Frequency changer Yes
Threshold (background tone) Yes, in all metal mode
Software in multiple languages Universal, with symbols

Package details

  • Nokta Simplex Lite Metal Detector
  • Waterproof DD search coil 24x15 cm / 9.5 "x6" (SX24) with protective plate
  • USB charging and data cable
  • 6.3mm headphone adapter cable
  • Nokta find bag
  • Nokta Simplex cap
  • Manual
  • 3-year warranty